Weekly + Monthly Planner

Weekly + Monthly Planner


In order to help you rock your good resolutions and make wonders in 2017, I have created two planners - one for the month of january, and one for the first week of the year. Print them and write your goals on the left page. At the end of the month or week, look back and write down your accomplishments. Then set goals for the next month or week (I will send you the corresponding planner in time.)

On the bottom left corner of the weekly planner, you will find a little grid to track your habits. Just write down the things you want to do each day - it can be as simple as drink more water or get up early - and tick the boxes as you go. You’ll get a huge feeling of pride once you see all the boxes ticked at the end of the week ;-)

On the right side of the week planner, I have included a spot to write down the best things that happened in the week. Research shows that people who regularly write down the things they are grateful for end to be happier, healthier and more productive. This is one of my good resolutions for 2017, so how about we try it together?

Download the Weekly planner here.

Download the March planner here.

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