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French Lover
I help high achievers sharpen their language learning skills and become fluent in French.

Start your study with a bang.

A free email course to kickstart your language study.

So you decided to learn a language?

First of, congratulations! You are embarking on an awesome journey, full of joy and surprises - and also a couple of pitfalls.


How can you make sure that you’re doing it the right way?

Turns out, you don’t have time to lose, so you’d rather learn the best language learning strategies. Right now. You’re in luck!

This free course is here to teach you the key strategies you need to start your study with a bang - or to put it back on track in case you had drifted away.


Here is what you will learn :

  • The one thing that predicts your success and how to develop it if you don’t have it yet (day1)

  • How to select exactly what you should study right now and progress as fast as it gets. (day 2)

  • How to find as much study time as you need (day 3)

  • How to fix your study plan if it is broken (day 4)


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What students say:

"Angel is by far the best language teacher I’ve ever found. Incredibly knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, fun, and really dedicated to teaching. He guided me to conversational fluency within three months."

— Derek Sivers, Entrepreneur, USA

Angel, you are my motivation to keep me moving forward in learning a language.

- Minh Tran, Student from China

"Angel has a wonderful ability to communicate in an effective and low-stress manner."

- Mike, Software Developer, USA

Your coach


Angel is a language learning expert and a polyglot. He speaks six languages fluently, and studies more. Over the past fifteen years, he has been finding and testing the best language learning methods, together with his hundreds of students.


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