All you want to know about your new French coaching program, The High Road to Fluency

All you want to know about your new French coaching program,
The High Road to Fluency

Scheduling sessions:

When can the sessions take place?

Angel’s schedule is opened from 8 AM to 10 PM CET everyday. However the scheduling system we use will show the times in your timezone. You can book anytime which is convenient for you.

Does Angel really work from 8 AM to 10 PM everyday?

Ah ah no. Of course not. He can only accept up to six sessions per day, since he also has to do other work such as preparing classes, writing, videos etc, and, you know, have a life.

However he loves to work with students from all over the world, and a broad schedule is the only way to accommodate for different timezones. In practice, the scheduling system always shows lots of open slots, but as soon as six lessons are booked for any given day, the full day becomes unavailable. Don’t wait to schedule your lessons because you see lots of open slots. This is not an accurate reflexion of Angel’s availability.

How to schedule your sessions

Get to know session: After your order is confirmed, you will receive a link to book your first session. Just follow the link and choose a convenient day and time.

Recurring session: At the end of the get-to-know session, Angel will give you a link and a code to book the next sessions. Your code is personal and will let you book the number of session you reserved. Please don’t share it.

Same day booking - Can I book a lesson for today?

No. The scheduling system will never allow you to book a lesson for the same day, as same day bookings are very disruptive for Angel’s workflow. Angel does make rare exceptions in case of unforeseeable emergency (for example if a student just landed a job interview and needs to prepare immediately). If you don’t have anything very urgent, please book your lesson for the next available day.

Cancellation and Rescheduling policy - I can’t make it to our session, what do I do?

Please contact Angel per email or Skype as soon as you notice that you won’t make it. This can make your slot available for another student.
You will be allowed to reschedule the lesson free of charge as long as you can inform Angel more than six hours prior to the starting time of the session.
If you don’t inform Angel more than six hours beforehands, you won’t be allowed to reschedule the lesson.

How do we learn?

What do we do during the one-on-one sessions?

Most of the time is dedicated to speaking French. There is also time to correct your homework, answer all your questions and give you many of my polyglot tricks.

This is how a typical session looks like:

1 - We correct your homework and I answer all the questions you might have had since the previous lesson.
2 - We start speaking about today’s topic in French. I make you feel at ease, give you all the vocabulary you need, correct your mistakes and answer your questions (in French if possible, in English if necessary)
3 - I give you homework for next time and, if necessary, indicate grammar exercises you would benefit from.
4 - We choose a topic for next time. I answer any remaining question.

Do we use any books?

Only for grammar exercises. We use the serie Grammaire progressive du français, by Clé international. We typically start with the beginner book but please don’t buy any before I can evaluate your level during the get-to-know me session.

Is the homework compulsory ?
Well, it’s not like Angel can really force you to do your homework if you don’t want it. However it is strongly recommended. The High Road to Fluency program is designed to take you from your current level to Fluency as fast as possible. Learnin your vocabulary and doing your homework is part of the fast Fluency recipe.

How much and how often should I study between sessions?
Angel recommends ten minutes per day to learn the vocabulary and no more than thirty minutes to do the homework. If you’re not done after thirty minutes, you can just stop and hand in whatever you have written.

What happens if I skip vocabulary learning session or don’t do my homework?
Nothing, and that’s exactly what we want to avoid. Angel gives you the Fluency recipe and your dedication is the key ingredient. If you skip one homework or one vocabulary learning session, it’s not a big deal but the more you skip, the slower your progress gets. If you find it difficult to stick to your learning program for any reason, talk to Angel about it. He can help you tweak your program to make it easier to follow.

Do you have a question which is not covered in this document? Please email me.

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