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French Lover
I help high achievers sharpen their language learning skills and become fluent in French.

The High Road to Fluency

Speak fluent French - two months from now.

Do you get stuck when you try to speak French?

You have been studying French in the past and made great progress at the beginning.

Now you have hit a plateau and don’t know how to take it from here. You have tried every method out there and nothing seems to work.

You are sick of learning bits of French here and there and never making any real progress.

You want to become fluent.

Or at least conversational. If only you could find your words without struggling.

Learning French is hard.

There, I said it.  Learning French is long and difficult.

You know what’s even longer and more difficult? Learning French the wrong way.

There are lots of traps and pitfalls, and in the end what works for you is always something personal, which you can’t really get from any books out there.

You have two options:

  • Trial and error. It probably will work out eventually, if you keep at it long enough. But it will take you years of frustration, wasted time and slow progress.


  • Study with an expert who will determine what will work for *you* faster than you could ever imagine, and become fluent in the next weeks.


Being fluent in a few weeks is possible for you.

If you are guided by an expert who knows all the shortcuts.


High Road to Fluency

High Road to Fluency is an exclusive one-on-one coaching program bringing you to fluency in a matter of weeks, not years.


What’s included in this program?

  • Weekly 40 minutes one-on-one sessions, in which we determine the best strategies for you and monitor your progress by practicing French together.
  • Personalized homework + corrections
  • All the hacks that expert polyglots use.
  • Answer to all your questions.
  • Recordings of all your sessions so you can review them as much as you want.
  • All the notes I take during the sessions permanently available to you in google docs.

I give you those bonuses to help you make the most of the High Road to Fluency:



Bonus #1: The ecourse Find Time for Language Learning

A proven step by step system to reclaim your time and make the most of your busy schedule to achieve fast progress. - Lifetime access



Bonus #2 SMARTER Language Goals

An actionnable ebook to help you set motivating goals that pull you forward. - Lifetime access


"Angel is by far the best language teacher I’ve ever found. Incredibly knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, fun, and really dedicated to teaching. He guided me to conversational fluency within three months."

— Derek Sivers, Entrepreneur, USA

Option #1 : Intensive coaching

The quickest way to fluency - Two months - 16x 40 minutes one-on-one sessions (2 per week)

Your investment for intensive coaching is €1200 for two months - or two payments of €700


Option #2 : Weekly coaching

Minimal time investment, maximum results - three months - 12x 40 minutes one on one  per week

Your investment for weekly coaching is €1000 for three months - or two payments of €600

What will happen now?

After you have filled your application form, I will contact you within two days. If your application is accepted, you will receive a link to book your first session and a bill corresponding to your preferred program per email.

Limited spots

The high road to Fluency is an exclusive one-on-one offer. You will benefit of all my expertise as an experienced teacher and a professional polyglot. For this reason, I can only accept so many students at once. I typically accept 2 to 3 news students every month. In order to offer the best service I can’t accept more students at once.

Applications are only open at the beginning of every month. Apply now so you don’t have to wait.

Fluency is right at the corner!


100% Money back guarantee

Be excited - or get your money back.

If you are not excited about the program, or feel it’s not for you after your first two sessions, just send me an email. You will get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.


Do think that it is impossible?

You have been an almost beginner for years and can certainly not be fluent in two months.

You are not alone, many students feel this way before they start the program. They have been using suboptimal methods and have never received the necessary help they needed to make progress fast. It is possible to linger for years and not make any real progress. Or is is possible to take all the shortcuts and become fluent faster than you can imagine. All my students notice a clear progress after just two sessions.

The first session is to overcome the fear and realize that you can actually start speaking French. The second session is to notice how fast you are making progress already.


Afraid you won’t have the time? All the time you need is:

  • The sessions with me (once or twice 40 minutes per week)
  • 10 minutes per day to learn your vocabulary efficiently with a scientific method (spaced repetition system)
  • Time to do your homework - this should not be more than 30 minutes (once or twice a week).
  • The ecourse Time for language learning (free bonus for you as a student) will teach you how to carve time out of your busy schedule and make everyday a French day.


Who is the high road to Fluency for?

The high road to Fluency is designed to help students who have been studying French for a while but haven’t managed to become fluent yet. I created it with my busy adult students in mind, and trimmed everything unnecessary. It includes all you need to become fluent, and nothing else.

If you are committed to making progress and you have some (even scarce) knowledge of French, this is for you - yes, even if you’re busy.


Who is the high road to Fluency not for?

In one word: dabblers. This program works only if you do the work on your side. If you are happy with knowing a little bit of French and you aren’t really committed to learning more, it is definitely not for you.


Would you like to be a fluent French speaker, two months from now?

Your coach

Bonjour :) I’m Angel.

I have been helping busy students from around the world become fluent in French in no time since 2006.

I speak six languages - and only French is my mother language - so I know a thing or two about learning languages.

Oh and yes, I’m from France. Real French guy, complete with a love for cheese and a master’s degree in language teaching.


Why do I have to apply?

This program has been created for intermediate students who need help to reach fluency fast. The application form (only a few easy questions) is here to make sure that this program is for you. If you are not sure that you are this kind of student, send your application form and I’ll let you know.

What happens if my application is rejected?

Applications are only rejected when the program isn’t the right fit for the applicant. If this is your case, I will send you an email with personalized advice on how to better address your needs. If it is possible for us to work together on another program, you will get a free counselling session.

What do we do during the one-on-one sessions?

Most of the time is dedicated to speaking French. There is also time to correct your homework, answer all your questions and give you many of my polyglot tricks.

This is how a typical session look like
1 - We correct your homework and I answer all the questions you might have had since the previous lesson.
2 - We start speaking about today’s topic in French. I make you feel at ease, give you all the vocabulary you need, correct your mistakes and answer your questions (in French if possible, in English if necessary)
3 - I give you homework for next time and, if necessary, indicate grammar exercises you would benefit from.
4 - We choose a topic for next time. I answer any remaining question.

Do we use any books?

Only for grammar exercises. We use the serie Grammaire progressive du français, by Clé international. We typically start with the beginner book but please don’t buy any before I can evaluate your level during the first session.

I am a complete beginner, can I enroll nonetheless?

No. Although it is technically possible to adapt the techniques I use in the High Road to Fluency for complete beginners, I don’t recommend it. I feel it is a poor use of your time and money. Results would not be as good as if you had a some preexisting knowledge. If you are a complete beginner and you really want to study in one-on-one sessions with me, send me an email. I will send you a program offer which is more adapted to your need.

Do you accept children or teenagers in this program?

No, adults only please.

Any more question? Please email me.

“Angel is so encouraging and full of helpful advice. I feel more comfortable with speaking French after every lesson”

Rebecca, Historic Fashion Expert, UK

Angel has helped me so much over the past two months and I now feel very confident and relaxed speaking the language. Thank you very much. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.”

Lewis, Transport Expert, UK


“Angel is a great teacher. Being a polyglot himself, he is able to give me suggestions for language learning that other teachers can't. He is very patient. He gave me great tips on how to approach French, particularly so that I don't confuse it with Spanish.”

- Nicole, Software Developer, Australia

“Angel is a well-informative teacher, and indeed a polyglot who knows how to approach fluency”

Mohammed, Business Executive, Saudi Arabia

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