Product Review: Social Media Success

  Social Media Success - Boost your Language Learning with Social Media. Pin this for later. 

Social Media Success - Boost your Language Learning with Social Media. Pin this for later. 

Social Media Success is a brand new course offered by Lindsay, who is a language learning expert and blogs at It is designed to help students take advantage of social media to learn languages.

Now, does this comes as a surprise to you? Yes, social media can - and should - be used as a way to learn languages.There are many advantages to integrating social media in your language learning, starting from exposure to the most current version of the language you study, and countless possibilities of interactions in the language all the way to holding yourself accountable for learning.

Plus, how much time do you spend on Social Media in a regular day?

As Lindsay puts it: “If it’s part of your life, you might as well make it useful for language learning.”

If you have no idea how you can turn your current mindless facebook consumption into a powerful study session, don’t worry: Lindsay has your back.

Detailed explanations + super sweet instructor

  Lindsay at the (mini) Eiffel tower.

Lindsay at the (mini) Eiffel tower.

The thing I loved the most about this course is how detailed and useful Lindsay’s explanations are. If you’ve taken my free email course on French habits, you know that, about social media, I said little more than “just use it”. However, the Social Media Success course is taking this to a completely different level.

Lindsay walks you through four weeks of training, and each week comes with three challenges. Think of those as “virtual homework”. The first challenges are quite easy, such as joining a specific platform. They become more complex with time, as you become a master in learning languages through Social Media.

Slack Community

The course comes together with a community of students on the instant messaging application Slack. This is where you can exchange your thoughts on the course, share the nuggets you found and of course, ask questions to your sweet instructor.

On point tech-training

Now, what if all this social media stuff is super confusing for you? What if you understand nothing to all this facebook, twitter, instagram stuff?

Well don’t worry, Lindsay has thought of this too. The course comes with a tech training, featuring a very detailed video on how to use each platform recommended in the course. Namely: Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

 How the course looks like from the inside. Super easy to navigate.

How the course looks like from the inside. Super easy to navigate.

Now, you absolutely don’t have to use them all.  Personally, I use four of these platforms, because I was never able to really get into Snapchat - maybe I’m just “too old” for it - and that’s ok.

I’d suggest that you just try all those platforms once, to find out which ones you like. Social media can become overwhelming and time consuming really quickly so it’s important that you keep what you like, and ditch the rest.

Social media success is an all-in-one, no-worries solution to the overwhelm of social media, and your best roadmap to finding the gems that will boost your progress.

After all, that’s what language learning is all about: finding the methods that work for you, and using them to climb your way to fluency.

If you choose to use any of these platform for learning French, follow me on facebook, twitter, pinterest and/or instagram. I have gems of French waiting for you there ;)

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