The Name "Angel"

After living an international life for a couple of years, I realized that some people were very confused about me being a man named Angel, while others found it totally normal.

So, I decided to explore who has this name and how it sounds to speakers of different languages - French, English and Spanish.

Watch it here in video (or scroll down to read the summary):

Key points of the video:


In French:

  • The name has two spellings: Angel (male) and Angèle (female). This is similar to other French names such as Michel (male) and Michèle (female).

  • Although “Angel” is not a common name, as soon as I mention that my name is “Angel without an -e”, it’s obvious to the French that it is a male name.


In an English / international context

  • Checking this list of famous people named Angel, we can see that both genders seem to be equally represented.

  • The most widespread profession among them is pornographic actress. I doubt that those women use their actual name in their profession.

  • There are also a few actresses and female models with this name.

  • Most famous men with the name are sportsmen and actors.


In Spanish

  • Many men with the name Ángel have this spelling “Ángel” and a hispanic last name.

  • For Spanish speakers,  the name “Angel” is exclusively masculine.


Do you like this new video format, where I explore the specificities of a word or a concept across languages? Or would you prefer to see only language learning advice from me? Please let me know in the comments below.