How to learn vocabulary with sticky notes + FlashSticks product review

All the people who have ever worked with me know how much I rely on sticky notes. I routinely stick notes to my computer, to my books, or to… anything else really. They are just a central part of my workflow. So, it’s logical that I also use them for language learning a lot.

When Flashsticks asked me to write a review of their vocabulary learning sticky notes, it sounded like a very fitting association.

By the way, one of my resolutions for 2017 is to start a YouTube channel for good. Not French Lover Daily (my French vocabulary channel), but a new channel where I give my best language learning tips in video.

So without further ado, here is the first video specially made for this new channel.

In case you prefer reading to watching, I’ll also recap the main points in writing below the video.

📝 Download my free French vocabulary sticky notes templates. 📖

You can find Flashstick’s products here. By the way, if you order through this link and enter the code FRENCHLOVER10 you’ll get a 10% discount.

Main ideas of the video:

How to learn your vocabulary with sticky notes:

  • write each new word on a note

  • stick the notes in your environment

You can either stick the note to a related object you use often or in a place where you see will them often.

Why should you use sticky notes to learn your vocabulary:

The only way to remember new vocabulary words is to see them often or hear them often. If you see the word for “a cup of tea” each time you take a sip, you will certainly remember it very fast. Similarly If you read the French verbs from your latest class for three minutes each time you brush your teeth, I bet you will know them by the end of the week.

Pro tips:

  • To increase the lifetime of your notes, pull them sideways rather than up. (I show you how to do it in the video)
  • To reap the full potential benefits of this technique, you need to know what  you should write on the notes exactly.
  • So, to help you write the most efficient sticky notes, I have created free templates, featuring everything that matters, with explanations.

You can download them right below.

📝 Download my free French vocabulary sticky notes templates. 📖

If you (or your French learning child) cannot or doesn’t want to write the notes yourself (or themself), you can purchase pre-printed notes at Flashsticks.

Flashsticks is  a set of pre-printed sticky notes, with all the necessary features:

  • A color-code:  blue for masculine nouns, pink for feminine nouns, and green for all the other words.

  • English translation and French pronunciation.

  • A smartphone app to hear the words pronounced by a native.

There are packs for beginners, intermediate and advanced, for six different languages.


Who is Flashsticks for?

  • Beginners who want to save time. No need to learn anything complicated to start using it. Just stick the notes around and read them over as often as possible, until you remember the words.

  • Children and teenagers who learn French at school and find it hard to remember the vocabulary. The beginner pack contains 100 common words, which is enough for a great vocabulary boost for first year and second year students.

Who is it not for?

  • advanced language learner with a strong knowledge of what to study. The words are pre-chosen so if you don’t like to be told what you should study, it’s definitely not for you.

  • Technical French students who need specific vocabulary.


Thanks for reading.

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