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Wow. This blog post will go out on October 16th. This means that not only I didn't see where the month of September went, but also I didn't see where half of October already went. I've been working on many different projects, writing articles, filming videos, teaching my awesome students who are on the way to fluency, and even got interviewed on a podcast. Also I was sick for about 10 days, thanks to the current Berlin "wintery" weather. I have to confess I didn't find much time to work on my September goals list.  But hey, we'll all forget about it when you'll see all the great stuff that I'm up to, including lots of changes on (this website) and two new language learning websites which my partner in crime and I are currently creating. In the meantime, I will make just one language goals list for the rest of October and November.

For now, let's jump to the

Language learning review for September 2017


Goal: keep it functional.
Success! Like, I went through the process of creating a new bank account and I even went to the dentist, all in German. My German isn't awesome but it's functional.


Goal: at least one conversation with a Spanish speaker.
This happened! Although not technically in September since it was last week. I got interviewed for the podcast Faro de lenguas (interview is to be released in November) and even though I expected the interview to be all in English, a big chunk of it ended up being in Spanish. That was a great experience of suddenly switching to a language I hadn't practiced for a few weeks.


Goal: have at least two conversations, including the one I had on September 4th.
Nope. That makes only one conversation in September.


Goal #1 : Keep the couple movie nights up
Done! We watched Le libertin and Asterix et Obelix: au service de sa majesté. (I hope no English person checks out this movie and gets offended by the depiction of their country in it)

Goal #2: Finish reading Quand sort la recluse.
Done! And I also read La femme au miroir, by Eric Emmanuel Schmidt. Great book, as always. I'm never disappointed by this author. If you're fluent in French and are looking for something to read, just pick any of his books, they're all awesome.


Keep reading. Ideally find courage to read Getting things done again.
Sadly, Getting things done is still on my list. I couldn't find the discipline to get it done (pardon the stupid pun). I did, however, read the Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck, by Mark Manson. I have mixed feelings about this book. Parts of it are really great. Others I found not groundbreaking.

Routine and Productivity

Goal #1 Keep up the regular posting schedule on (this website)one article every Monday. 
Yes! This month we had The Truth about Language Learning Methods, How your five senses can help you learn French, A French specialty: Croissant, Why you didn't learn French at school and how you can learn it now, and our very first guestpost 5 Advantages of learning French Online by Annabelle Short. Plus, I have a lot of content in store, either already in creation or as ideas. It's really exciting.

I also started doing two weekly Facebook live videos, introducing the new article on Mondays, and some more fun/engaging topic on Saturdays. These receive a lot of views, I'm very pleased with the traction I get there. You can catch up on the videos here.

Goal #2 Keep my morning routine up and stick to the weekly schedule I created.
(Morning routine = Get up at 6 - drink water - brush my hair - meditate - yoga - get dressed - go for a walk / go to the gym - make tea - start working at 7, or 8 on "gym days")
Yes! Except when I was sick, I've been able to keep up with this routine and schedule quite successfully. I'm very happy about that.

Goal #3 Read Getting things done/ tackle the mess in my organisation system.
Nope. As already commented above, this is still on the list.

Goal #4 Slow down and give myself more time to take action a.k.a self-development junkie rehab.
It's hard to quit being a junkie but I'm working on it. ^^ I give a lot of time to action and planning, but the more action I take the more ideas I get, so it doesn't really slow me down ^^.

Now on to the fun part, let's set some 

Language Learning Goals:
October and November 2017

First, let's start by stating that improving my language skills isn't my biggest priority at the moment. I have too much on my plate and I don't want to overload it even more with unrealistic language goals. So this will translate as:

German, Spanish and Portuguese:

Seize opportunities to speak those languages as they come. Let's see what the universe throws at me. Maybe I get some more impromptu interviews, who knows?


Keep writing content in English and doing facebook live in English for, as well as one other website I'm creating, which will be in English. (I can't wait to tell you all about it, but it might take a while before it's ready)
Maybe also (re)read a book or two.


Keep the movie nights up.
I'd like to keep reading in French too.
Write content and copy for the other website I'm creating, which will be in French (this one will be ready sooner than the other one. I hope I can launch it before November is over)

Routine and Productivity:

Keep posting one article every Monday on
Stick to my morning routine and my weekly schedule.
Tackle the mess in my organisation systems. I'd love to reimplement a clean Getting Things Done system. I think I must just take one full days for it and rebuild it from scratch.

That's it for this month. What are *your* language goals? Let me know in the comments!

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