Language Learning Goals August 2017 #ClearTheList

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Hey it's August already - happy August everyone!

All hail to setting achievable language goals! I actually got *more* language learning done in July than I had planned. Without further ado, let's jump to the review.

Language Learning review - July 2017



Last month's goal: Perform all the tasks necessary to look for and find a flat.

Done! That was quite a lot of German speaking. Not only we found a flat but we also moved into it and we are all set, except for our internet connection which will take a little longer. I count this as an overachievement!
Also, since we are still in the process of creating our business, I was made to enjoy a tax and administration related meeting with a tax advisor. And I survived.


Last month's goal: Keep watching Gran Hotel. I’m addicted to it now so it won’t be too difficult.

It wasn't difficult. I'm now in season 3. I have learnt a ton of Spanish vocabulary, just by watching it and reading the subtitles for spelling. And I believe that the dreaded  conjugations aren't as dreaded as before. My brain somehow got used to them. I will need to ask my teacher to know if my level has really progressed by passive immersion, or if I'm imagining it.


Last month's goal: I’ll pause it for now. Although if you can recommend a good serie I take it.

Actually my partner Ines and I have had two language exchanges conversations in July and we now have a small project together. I wasn't expecting it and I'm very happy about it.


Last month's goal: Keep up the couple movie nights.

This is the one thing we didn't do. Without a reliable connexion, I totally forgot about the possibility to watch movies. Sorry Shannon ;-) I'll catch up in August.


Last month's goal: Finish the two books I started (48 Laws of power + Fluent Forever) and maybe read some more. 

I finished the 48 Laws of power and I *dropped*Fluent forever. Shame on me! Me who (almost) never drops a book. There are interesting ideas in this book, but as a MA in language teaching, I didn't find many new things new. I understand that this book can bring a lot to anyone who isn't a language learning expert though.
I also read The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman and The Sell by Fredrick Eklund - both books are awesome. Packed with great content and easy to read. The Sell, on top of this, is also very funny, and written in an awesome style. This book is awesome, much better than you'd think by just reading the title. I recommend it to anyone who ever sells anything, which, by Fredrick Eklund's definition, is each and every of us. Special Thanks to Fredrick Eklund for writing it and to Courtney Johnston for recommending it (note: I totally intend to read this whole recommendation list, I only have two books to go).

Routine and productivity

Last month's goal:  Keep the meditation habit throughout the month. That would lead me to day 53.

Done. Today is day 54. I think I can say that I have successfully developed the habit. Yeah!


So, what now?


Language goals for August 2017



I totally see that we will have some more administrative meetings with German speakers. So my goal will be to survive those and even get what I need from them.
I remember that one of my yearly goals was to reach level C1 and maybe pass an exam. I'm not officially giving up on this one but I have other priorities. I still want to do it someday but keeping my German functional is enough for now.


Finish watching Gran Hotel and hopefully find something else to watch later.  Take one Spanish class and ask my teacher Maoganis if my level has really progressed or if I imagine it. 


Keep up the language exchange and have at least one conversation in Portuguese this month.


Have some French movie nights again. Or at least one.


Keep reading. I started reading The Power of Now, but I find it not resonating very much with me right now. I also started Blue Ocean Strategy and finally, because I was tired and not fit enough for new concepts, I decided to pick up Think and Grow Rich and read it again. I guess I'm a bit in a reading rut, so my goal would be to get out of it and find books which resonate with my current self. I also want to print the reading list from The Personal MBA and start reading through it.

Routine and productivity

First, carry on my current morning routine, because it's awesome.
Second, I'm now blessed to live minutes away from a gym, so I got a membership and one of my personal goals of the moment is to make going to the gym a regular habit. I'll aim for 3-4 times a week.

Finally, last but not least, I commit to publishing at least one blog post or one video every Monday. There was one this Monday, and I'm preparing some more. I also aim to have some content created in advance so that I won't have to do it last minute, or worse, not at all, when life gets in the way again.

And I have lots of other stuff that I "would like to do" but hey, we said: achievable!



Would you like to know why and how I come up with these goals?


Your turn! What are your goals for this month? Let me know in the comments.

I wish you a great August :)

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