7 amazing things that happen when you hire a language coach

Hiring a language coach is the best thing you can ever do for your French skills. Why? Because a coach will help you do exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it, to achieve maximum results.

Here are seven amazing things that will happen, right after you hired a language coach.

1. Highest motivation and bullet-proof consistency.

When you hire a coach, it is a strong sign that you are motivated and committed to making progress. Problem: motivation is often short-lived (you know this, right?).

A coach’s first mission is inpiration.
As a language coach, it is part of my job to make sure your motivation and your commitment stay solid during the whole duration of the coaching program.
Regular sessions with your coach ensure that you will stay in the room, get the work done and get regular motivation boosts from your coach.

2. No more time wasted studying pointless things.


Have you had that moment when you wanted to learn all the words and all the grammar because, you never know, it might be of use some day? Only to find out that you would likely ever use 80% of them? Or that you would not even  manage to remember them in the first place?

Hiring a coach will prevent this from happening.
With your input, your coach will find out what your specific areas of improvement are. They will tell you what to study next and how to address specific issues for maximal effect.
The most frequent advice I give to my students about how to address a specific issue is “don’t care about [complicated stuff], do this [easy hack] instead”.

The result: you shortcut most of the hassle and reap all the benefits. You progress much faster.

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3. You stop feeling overwhelmed.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed because an expert says you should speak from day one, but you have read somewhere to get your pronunciation right first and yet another person recommends learning X vocabulary words before anything else? It won’t happen anymore.

With your input, your coach will be able to identify which strategies will work well for you, based on your learning style and your current level. Goodbye overwhelm!

4. Your questions get answered (and not by Google)

Have you ever tried to ask specific French learning related questions to Google? When you do, two things can happen. If you’re lucky, someone has written an article about your exact question, and Google knows it. Awesome.
If you’re not that lucky (meaning most of the time), Google hasn’t recorded a good answer for your question and showers you with content which is more or less relevant (according to Google). You are left with the task of sorting through all this, hoping to find the right answer buried somewhere.

Or you could meet with your coach, ask him the question, and understand the answer within minutes. Problem solved. I always ask my students to write a list of questions between our sessions and ask them all to me during our next call. It saves you so. much. time.

5. You routinely reach your goals.

Part of my job is also to hold my students accountable. We set a goal together, we work on it, you get homework, you do it and we make sure you have understood the new lesson before moving on to the next topic.

A coaching program is an investment and you want to be sure that you make the most of it. And this means the following cycle: set a goal, work at it, reach the goal, celebrate, repeat. My student and I do this during the whole duration of the program (2 or 3 months for High Road to Fluency)

Not sure what language goals are, or why you should use them? Check out this video.

6. You speak. More and more.

I often say this: no student will be leaving a session with me without having spoken at least some French. Even if it may sound a little scary at first. Our goal is that you become fluent and I am committed to making it happen.

The best thing is, online coaching session provide the ideal environment to get out of your comfort zone and start speaking French regularly. You are alone with your computer, and nobody can hear you but your coach. This means that nobody can judge you or otherwise give you a hard time because there is just your coach and you literally pay them to make this the best possible experience. It is my job to help you speak with ease, each time more than the previous one.

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7. The duration of your study just shrinks.

The biggest effect of a coaching program is that your study just become insanely shorter. Meeting with your coach regularly and following their advice just shrinks the distance from where you are to where you want to be.


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