How to create successful language learning habits in 4 weeks or less

How to

Create Successful
Language Learning Habits
in 4 Weeks or Less 🇫🇷🚀

Have you ever struggled to lose a bad habit or stick to a good one? Research shows that it takes as many as sixty-days to form a new habit. Wait, what? The title of this article says “four weeks or less”. That just doesn’t add up. How can I get new habits in less than 28 days while research says 66 ?

Ok here is the trick: you already have them.

Yes, you already have language learning habits. It takes just a little tinkering to change your daily life into a language learning powerhouse.

Do you feel that nothing in your life can possibly lead to learning a language? Well, then that’s the only difference between you and a successful language learner.

Successful language learners and even polyglots are just like you. They have a similar lifestyle. The only difference is that they know how to tweak their very mundane habits in order to bring their new language to them, day after day.  You can do it too.

You can start today and have powerful language learning habits in less than four weeks. And it won’t cost you a dime. How does that sound?

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Tomorrow, you will start tweaking your habits to make them work for you.

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