Language Learning Goals September 2017 #ClearTheList

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Bonjour bonjour! It's September!
You know? The month when students go back to school, professionals go back to work and everyone decides that "this year is the year" - a bit like a second January.
I don't even dare looking at my 2017 yearly language goals list. I got carried away when I wrote that one. At the time, I had no idea how much of my brain space (and time) would be taken by building this website and my coaching business. I just wanted to say that it's OK, and often necessary, to readjust your goals or your deadlines if you realize that your existing goals are not achievable under your current conditions. As Brian Tracy says "there are no unreasonable goals, only unreasonable deadlines"

I'm happy to say that my goals for August have been mostly achieved. In July, I had actually accomplished more than my goals. It looks like I have got better at setting goals which are achievable, despite a big workload. *patting myself on the back*

Language Learning review - August 2017


Goal: Keep my German functional and survive through the administrative meetings we had planned.
Done. I'll skip the details because I don't think you care about the German tax system ;-)


Goal 1: Finish watching Gran Hotel and hopefully find something else to watch later. - Done, except I haven't yet found something else I'd like to watch.
Goal 2 Take one Spanish class with my teacher Maoganis.
I did not take a class with her (booooooh) but I did have a total of three conversations with Spanish natives this month in Berlin, so I'll consider this goal reached too.




Goal: at least one conversation in Portuguese
Technically failed,
as I only managed to have that conversation yesterday, September 4th


Goal: at least one French movie night.
Yep, we watched an old but funny movie: les sous-doués.
I also read Temps Glaciaires by Fred Vargas and started reading Quand sort la recluse, also by Fred Vargas. If you don't know her, you should totally check her out, most of her books have been translated to English, but I'm sure they keep their delicious French flavour, even in translation.




Keep reading. - Done, I read The big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Great book.
Then I decided to take a break from reading in English and read a bit in French instead.


Routine and productivity

Goals: carry on my current morning routine, because it's awesome.
Make going to the gym a regular habit. Aiming for 3-4 times a week.
Done. The morning routine is still awesome and the gym thing was more or less consistent, depending on my workload. I'm refining this in September, to remove the "more or less" factor.

Goal: Publishing at least one blog post or one video every Monday. 
Done. You can see them here, here, here and here

Goal: Have some content created in advance, so that I won't have to do it last minute, or worse, not at all, when life gets in the way again.
Done-ish: I have become better at not doing things last minute, but I still have some "opportunity for progress" here. For example I'm totally writing this on September 5th. Boooooh.


And now my favourite moment of the month: goal setting time!

By the way, in case you find goal setting scary or daunting, you really shouldn't. It's super easy, 100% painless and 200% motivating. Check out this article to learn my easy 4-step process to energizing language goals.


Language Goals - September 2017



I'll stick to keeping my German functional. I have other challenges this month and don't want to allocate too much brain space to German.


Have at least one conversation with a Spanish speaker, in order to keep my level up. Maybe take a class too.


Have at least one conversation, other than the one I had on September 4th. So that's at last two conversations in total.


Finish reading Quand sort la recluse.
Keep the couple movie nights up.


Keep reading. Ideally find courage to read Getting things done again (see under "Productivity" for details).

Routine and Productivity

- Keep up the regular posting schedule on (this website): at least one article every Monday. This one doesn't count, as it will go out on a Thursday.

- Keep my morning routine up. For the record it's:
Get up - drink water - brush my hair - meditate - yoga - get dressed - go for a walk / go to the gym - make tea - start working.
Here are the next tweaks: I'd like to add affirmations and visualizations to the morning routine, and consistently get up at 6 (I got at lovely new light clock for that) and start working at 7, or at 8 on "gym days" (meaning Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

- Stick to the new weekly schedule I created. I looks like this:

Ideal week.jpg
getting things done.jpg

- I need to read Getting things done (by David Allen) again. My organization system is in a mess. In Getting things done, David Allen predicted that the system would disorganize after some months (and one should read the book again at that moment). It's exactly what happened. I'm stunned by how accurate everything in this book is, and how much cognitive dissonance I get each time it calls out some of my flaws. This makes it a very difficult but very necessary read.

Overall I have to confess that I am a self development junkie, reading books and watching videos for the thrill of it, but only implementing about 20% (or less?) or what I learn about. I get great results from the 20% I implement, so imagine the results I'd get if I'd be implementing 100%. What a pity to be flushing 80% of all the good advice I get down the drain.
- I need to slow down and give myself more time to take action, read the best books several times, to make the most of what I read, instead of zooming through the content. Any one else is in this situation?


That's it for this month. Serious program, I'm going to go and work on it now :)
What are your goals for this month? Let me know in the comments!