Language Goals October 2016 #ClearTheList

Wooof! September was so fast, I have no idea where the time went. I’ve kept myself super busy and I have the nagging impression that I didn’t achieve much. Does this ever happen to you? I’m sure you know the feeling.

However, I should reevaluate this impression because when I scroll through my list of September goals, I notice that most of them are met. Some of them with a little twist, they didn’t turn out exactly like I expected, but there has been a lot of progress anyway.

This is the brilliant part about goal setting and intention setting. Even if you get caught in a whirlwind of busy busy daily hustle, the power of intention setting is so strong that your goals start happening, maybe not as much as you’d like to, or not as you expected but things are moving in the right direction. Cut yourself some slack ;-)

If you are not doing it yet, I strongly recommend you set your own language goals, make the list public, and see the magic happen.

If you need help setting your goals and developing language learning habits, I’ll be thrilled to help you.

Now, onto the September review

All languages - Method

  • Keep elaborating on the compound effect method to find a way to integrate all languages in a regular week. My dream would be to even make room for a new language.

When I set this goal I was thinking of something like “5 languages, 5 weekdays, one language per day”. I don’t know about you, but this is soo not working for me. The way languages get integrated is very informal. Chill on youtube, but do it in Spanish. Hunt down interesting content on Pinterest, and read it in every language I can possibly understand. Exchange messages with my friends, and pick their mother language, or a language we both study, rather than always defaulting to English. 

I keep my languages around everyday, just not in a manner which is easy to quantify. However I do keep the compound effect method whenever I have a very specific goal to achieve in a short duration, such as a language challenge. 

  • Go to the library again. 

I did it. I picked this whole array of French books:


  • Keep reading

I have finished the book I was reading and read two more. It helps me relax and disconnect from the permanent computer work. It’s a really healthy and comfortable habit which I highly recommend. If you are like me and you have dropped out of reading years ago because you’re so busy, I strongly suggest you start again: it’s a life-saver.

  • Also keep watching French movies with my wife who is learning French.

We watched those two, and she liked them. I have many more ideas.


  • Take one lesson to make sure to keep my current level.

Instead of taking one lesson, I arranged to start my weekly Spanish language tandem again. Woohoo!

  • Decide on other Spanish tasks to integrate in the above mentioned routine. 

This turned out to be watching videos on youtube and discovering and reading articles in Spanish on Pinterest, about whichever topic I’m interested in. For now. 


  • Keep the language exchange with Ines going - that’s one conversation every other week.

Yes! This happened! And I’m getting very confident about keeping my fluency - and she’s also becoming more confident speaking French. Two birds with one stone. Way to go!

  • Decide on other Portuguese tasks to integrate in the above mentioned routine.

Portuguese content is not yet as integrated in my social media as Spanish content for me, so I have to work on this. 


  • Finish reading the document I started reading and learn all this frightening medical vocabulary.

I finished the document, and I now have to deal with a little bit of vocabulary backlog - the text was really much longer and more difficult than I thought.

  • Find a German language partner or tutor to have regular conversations.

Surprise surprise, my German wife and I have started regularly speaking German together.  We still have a hard time not defaulting or returning to English as soon as something becomes complex for me, so we’re working on it. Way to go!

Non language goal:

  • Exercise more. 

I ran into a little problem with this one (pun intended). After one week, I was on the right track, going on with my yoga routine and running a little bit every morning, and I was really happy about the results. One day, as I was proud of myself for going for a jog before 7 AM, I fell and sprained my ankle. 
I have been very lucky, it was nothing serious, and I didn’t need any medical help. But it took almost three weeks for my ankle to completely stop hurting and for me to feel confident to exercise again. I’m back on track but still at the very beginning of forming a habit. 
However I do recommend going for a five minutes jog first thing in the morning. If you tell yourself “Look, you just get out of bed, and go for a five minute run. You can’t be too lazy for that, can you?” It’s really hard to justify to yourself why you’re not going to do it. A five minute jog sounds like nothing (in fact I run often more than five minutes) but when you return, you feel so energized that there’s no way you’re going back to bed (contrary to anything you could force yourself to do in your home). Instead, you’re going to tackle your todo list right in. 
I am so much more productive on the days when I start with a “five minutes” jog. I want more of those days.


Now, new month, new goals!

Spanish, Portuguese, German


  • Keep the language exchanges going. Aim for at least a conversation every other week in each language.

  • Keep integrating more Spanish, Portuguese and German content in my social media feeds.

  • Specifically find more German and Portuguese youtube channels to follow.

  • Work through the German vocabulary backlog


  • Keep reading

  • Watch more some more French movies with my wife 


  • More productive day thanks to starting with a magical 5 minutes jog, please.
  • And ideally reintegrate my daily yoga practice too.

That’s all for me. Your turn now - what are you up to? Do you have any clear goal yet Again, if you need some help, just hit me up.


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Have a good october!

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