Language Goals November 2016 #ClearTheList

 Goals + Accountability = Successful language learning. Keep the language learning on while leading a very busy life with the #clearthelist blog linkup

Goals + Accountability = Successful language learning. Keep the language learning on while leading a very busy life with the #clearthelist blog linkup

#Clearthelist is a blog linkup hosted by Lindsay from Lindsaydoeslanguages and Shannon from Eurolinguist. Every month, we publish our language learning goals to hold ourselves accountable and kick some language learning butt together. Do you have a language related blog or site? Join us!  

Hi there! I hear it’s November already. I can’t believe it. Where did all the time go?

Oh I know: it went into the creation of an awesome and entirely free four weeks email course about French learning habits. I wrote it for you and it will be available in the next days and also in the setting of this brand new scheduling system, thanks to which you can book your sessions with me without us breaking both our heads over the time difference. Pretty cool, huh?

Enough chit chat now, onto the October language review:

Spanish, Portuguese, German

  • Language exchanges: at least a conversation every other week in each language.

I made it! The trick is to schedule a conversation per week. It’s on Monday morning for Portuguese and Tuesday morning for Spanish. Of course one day you or your partner will be sick or busy and won’t be able to show up. But since you planned twice more sessions than necessary, you’re still above your goal! In total I had three conversation for each this month.

My wife and I also increased the time we spend speaking German and French (instead of English) together and that’s awesome! Her French is making progress and I hope to stop the slow decay of my German soon :D

  • Keep integrating more Spanish, Portuguese and German content in my social media feeds. Find more German and Portuguese youtube channels to follow.

Shame on me! I totally didn’t reach this goal. You really thought I was perfect? Ah ah ah. Well I’m very sorry to disappoint you: it turns out I’m as human as everyone else ;)

This month tweet to me in German, Spanish, Portuguese if you learn those languages so we both get a little more practice.
  • Work through the German vocabulary backlog

Not only I didn’t touch it - Boooooh! - but now I also have a Spanish and a Portuguese backlog, due to the language exchanges. - boooooh again!


  • Keep reading

Done! I read a little more than two books this month.

  • Watch more some more French movies with my wife <3

We started watching the hilarious serie Kaamelott - Do you know it?

Non-language goal:

  • More productive days thanks to starting with a magical 5 minutes jog. And ideally reintegrate my daily yoga practice too.

I exercised a bit, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. Hard on himself French guy here /smiley waving hand/. With the weather getting colder and wetter, I find it hard to jog and so I have turned back to yoga. My current practice is about twice a week and I’d really like to make it a daily habit.


New month, new goals:

Spanish, Portuguese, German

  • Keep up the Spanish and Portuguese language exchanges, with at least a conversation every other week.

  • Try and speak German with my wife a little bit every day.

  • Work through the vocabulary backlog and learn all the new vocabulary.

  • I’d like to find German and Portuguese channels to follow on Youtube, so if you know good ones, please send them my way. Those are not easy to find - which is why I made this collection of French Youtube channels for you.


  • Keep the reading up

  • Also keep watching French movies/Series with my wife and keep speaking French with her.

Non-language goals:

I have been struggling a lot to find time to do everything lately. So, I became more and more interested in the difference between busy and productive.

I just started experimenting with a six-hours work day. The goal: six hours of highly focused work per day (this includes lessons, content writing, generally everything which is part of my work, but not studying, exercising, cooking or personal projects). Let me tell you: it’s pretty exhausting but also very productive. And it frees up a lot of time. As I finish this article, I have already worked almost 6 hours today and it is just 5:30 PM - yeah compulsory free evening where I will be able to work on a DIY project!

Thinking of it, six hours per day is forty-two hours per week - oh yes because I’m also chronically unable to take days off. Don’t laugh, this is a real problem ;-)

So here is my non-language goal:

  • Pulling six-hours of heavily focused work everyday, and not one minute more.

This frees time for language learning so hopefully I’ll be able to complete all the goals above.

  • Depending on how this goes, I would also like to experiment with a routine such as the Miracle Morning (the method from this book) to see if it works for me.

That’s all folks! Your turn now - what are you studying right now? Do you have your November goals yet

If you need some help with French, just hit me up.

If you haven’t done it yet, don’t forget to sign up to the French Lover newsletter: the free French Habits email course is starting soon.

I wish you a good November!

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