Language Goals December 2016 #ClearTheList

Pin this for later. Goals + Accountability = Successful language learning. Keep the language learning on while leading a very busy life with the #clearthelist blog linkup

Pin this for later. Goals + Accountability = Successful language learning. Keep the language learning on while leading a very busy life with the #clearthelist blog linkup

#Clearthelist is a blog linkup hosted by Lindsay from Lindsaydoeslanguages and Shannon from Eurolinguiste. Every month, we publish our language learning goals to hold ourselves accountable and kick some language learning butt together. Do you have a language-related blog or site? Join us!  

Hi guys :)

How are you? Cold? I’d say that’s normal. Brrr December in Berlin is really cold. Let me get a hot chocolate :coffee::coffee::coffee:, and we can jump right to the:

November Language Review:

I’m afraid I didn’t get very much language done this month. I did work a lot on some pretty cool stuff though, so expect to hear more from me pretty soon.

Plus, my non-language goal went really great, I’m really super happy about it.

Spanish: :es:

  • Keep up the Spanish language exchange, with at least a conversation every other week.

DONE! The system of having an appointment every week works wonders. My partner didn’t have any internet connexion for over two weeks, and yet we still managed to have two conversations in November. I feel pretty proud about this.


  • Keep up the Portuguese language exchange, with at least a conversation every other week.

This one is a total failure. Both my partner and I were super busy, and not available on the same weeks, so we didn’t manage to have any conversation this month. We’ll do better in December.


  • Try and speak German with my wife a little bit every day :

It happened a few times. I realized that “Everyday” is a pretty tough goal: we work together in English, and our work is very technical most of the time, which makes it hard to switch to German, since many technical words would be in English anyway - quite a confusing outcome for me as a learner.

I feel that this is a typical example of a goal which seems easy on the paper, but in the end just doesn’t work. We will need to find something else.

Vocabulary backlog:

  • Work through the vocabulary backlog:

I totally didn’t get around to do it, for the second month in a row. I think I’m going to give up on learning more vocabulary for now. You can only have so many priorities ;-)


  • Find German and Portuguese channels to follow on Youtube.

Another goal I totally didn’t manage to get under my belt. I will certainly make it a priority again at a later date.

French  :fr:

  • Keep the reading up:

Done. I finished one book, read one and started another one. 

  • Keep speaking French with my wife.

Like for German, we speak French from time to time but not nearly enough to achieve concrete results. I feel we will also make it a priority at a later date. Currently we focus on improving so many things already, such as eating healthy home-made food, exercising, socializing with more people than just the two of us, and of course building a business.

We just cannot fit more “priorities” into our schedule.

  • Keep watching French movies together.

We kept watching Kaamelott. We didn’t watch more French cinema and watched Star Wars instead. You’ve got to treat yourself from time to time ;-)

I curate a trello board with movies we can watch, and I did add a few there for later.

Non-language goals:

  • Pulling six-hours of heavily focused work everyday, and not one minute more.

I managed to do it some of the time. It is very good for me to be doing this review now, because I tend to forget this goal and just work whenever, in a not-perfectly focussed manner. Again, yeah for intention setting and reviewing goals!

I do think that six hours is a bit too little though, so I’ll aim for seven hours this month.

  • Depending on how this goes, I would also like to experiment with a routine such as the Miracle Morning (the method from this book) to see if it works for me.

Conclusion: it does work! And really well at that. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen a few pictures I posted on my early morning walks.

I have been powered by the following routine since the beginning of November and it really boosts my well being and my productivity:

  • Lie down in silence for a while before getting up. Refrain from checking my phone during this time (I don’t always manage to do it, but when I do, I feel much better)

  • Practice yoga for a short while. Generally under ten minutes.

  • Go on a walk, also refrain from checking my phone during this time. While I walk, I typically practice affirmations and visualisations. I might also think of a problem I have or a situation I’d like to improve. This helps me come up with a lot of ideas and reach a very positive mindset. I love doing this.

  • Come home and spend some time with my wife.

  • Tackle my to-do list for the day.

Sooo what do I keep and what do I change?

New Goals for December:


French :fr:

  • Keep reading. At least finish the book I just started.
  • Keep watching movies with my wife.


How's like the new name of the “non-language goal”?

  • Tweak my work routine to reach a pace which is both sustainable and efficient - and doesn’t give in to my tendency of being busy all the time, while being only productive some of the time ;-) I’ll aim for seven hours per day.
  • Keep my morning routine, because it’s excellent.

Spanish and Portuguese:

  • Have one conversation in Spanish and one in Portuguese every other week.


  • Go to the library and find one book I’d like to read in German. Start reading it.

English :us:

Yes, because why would English not be in the list?

There are a number of topic I’d like to know more about and the best way is to read about them in English. So my goal for December will be to come up with a list of books to read in the next couple of months and start reading them.

I wish you a good december. I hope you’ll have awesome holidays, and also get some language learning done, in between eating chocolates. ;-)

:snowman: :sparkles: