Language Goals August 2016 #ClearTheList

I am so thrilled to be joining the #clearthelist blog linkup! Youhou! I want to say a big thank you to Lindsay and Shannon for hosting the linkup. 
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A very personal challenge of mine is to come up with goals which are reasonable, meaning goals which won’t strain me and get in the way of the rest of my work. I don’t know about you, but when I have a goal and I display it publicly, it’s very hard for me to not over-work to reach the said goal - oh well, that’s exactly why we take part in this linkup: it works like magic ;-)
This means that the goal setting part is very important. I always want to do more, more, more. But well, one week of August is already gone and I will be spending the last week travelling for a work project, during which I’m afraid I won’t have too much time for language study. So it’s really a two-weeks goal list.

Without getting too nerdy about it, I use the SMART criteria to define my goals, which specify that goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time related. If you want to get things done, I strongly encourage you to also use this method or a similar one.

It ensures that you are working in the right direction, and that you will be able to see the progress.

Spanish and Portuguese

Those where the languages I boosted during the language challenge. My level is now fluent-ish.

  • Keep the level of fluency I have after the language challenge.
  • Clear the vocabulary backlog which has resulted from the language challenge and learn the new vocabulary.
  • Come up with a sustainable language learning routine to keep improving in those languages.
  • Have a lesson for each on italki. Actually I had a Spanish lesson already last week :)


I have realized that my level has dropped due to not focusing on it for a while. I’d like to dust it a bit.

  • Have at least one long conversation with a native.
  • Read at least one complex document or article and learn the new vocabulary


  • Come up with a way to have more esperanto in my life. Read something. Or maybe listen to something. 


French? But, it’s my mother language! Indeed it is, however I would really like to pick reading in French again, so I’ll put it here.

  • Find at least one book to read in French and read it.

A goal accross all languages: 

  • Have a trip to the library and pick books I’d like to read or study.

And you, what are your goals for August? Did you know that you can join Clear the list too? Check out Lindsay’s #clearthelist August 2016 post to read the rules and join!


August is over! Curious to find out how it went? Click here for the August review and the september goals.

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