How to never run out of time and learn languages like a pro

When you ask (aspiring) language learners what is the biggest challenge they need to overcome to learn a language, 'finding the time' is by far the most common answer you get. I understand that finding time (and energy) to do everything we wish we could do is possibly the biggest challenge that we face nowadays. However, when it comes to language learning, I have some good news: everybody can find the time, and if you think you can't, you are in one of these two situations:

 Find time to learn languages

Find time to learn languages

1) You don't *really* want to learn a language, and you just say you don't have time as an excuse. This is fine, not everybody has to learn a language. Learning languages is a great adventure which brings you tons of benefits but if it's not a priority for you, it's completely ok.

2) You haven't yet identified how you can use your current schedule to learn a language with minimal time investment - or even no investment at all. In the video below, I will give you my three keys to learn a language with very little time available. Those are tiny mindset shifts which you can adopt today to start learning a language like polyglots do. 

The video is quite theoretical and will give you the basics of how polyglots learn a language. If you would like to take this one step further, I have a free workshop for you. In this free workshop, we will take a close look at *your* schedule and see where and when you can fit your language study. Ready to start making more progress than ever?

Watch the video to discover my 3 keys to always have time for language learning. A usual the main points of the video are summed up below if you prefer to read it.

Main points of the video:

Key #1 Adopt the polyglot mindset:

  • We interact with at least one language all the time.

  • It is possible to include more than one language in our daily life, to support our language study.

  • Want to know how to do it? Join this free workshop

Key #2 It doesn’t take a lot of time

  • Don’t think of the years you might need to learn a language from zero to fluency.

  • Focus only on finding 10-20 minutes to study today.

  • Finding a little time everyday is the key to success in the long run.

  • My most intensive coaching program, The High Road to Fluency requires only 3,5 hours of study per week, and I specifically recommend to first time students *not* to book long study sessions, because it tends to be non-efficient.

  • Curious to know what you can possibly do to learn a language in a few minutes? Download this list of 18 French learning activities and the time they take.

⌚️ 18 French learning activities and the time they take 📖


Key #3 Enjoy it

  • You are more likely to find time for an activity you enjoy

  • You are also more likely to remember well if you are relaxing and enjoying the moment, rather than if you’re stressed out and bored.

  • Don’t force yourself to do anything because you think you “have to”. Study a language on your own terms.


 My new e-course, Time for language learning, is available now.

In this course, I walk you through the exact step by step process which I use to find time for language learning, even when my schedule is busy. You can learn more about it here.

 Find time to learn languages

Find time to learn languages