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I'm a professional teacher & polyglot with 12 years of experience. I've a master's in didactics of french as a foreign language. I speak six languages.



Tips and tricks to learn French, or other languages.


Each lesson is completely tailored to your needs. Whether you are a complete beginner or applying for a PhD in France, whether you want to learn a little French for the holidays or urgently need to pass your DELF/DALF, I will create a study plan to make sure you reach your goal. I can give lessons in English, German and Esperanto; I also speak Portuguese & Spanish.

Send me a message or book a 30 minutes trial session for just $12. During this session, I will evaluate your current level and give some expert advice on how to efficiently reach your goal. 

What Students Say

Angel is a great teacher. Angel will cater your lesson to whatever you need, so that you get the most out of your time. Angel is patient, has a great sense of humor and is supportive. If you are nervous about starting your lessons, Angel would be a great teacher for you.
After four months of serious work with Angel, I passed the B2 exam without problems. Angel prepared me very well for speaking part, I couldn't do it without Angel at all. I recommend Angel completely for anyone who wants to make a DELF/DALF exam. 


Some exercises I created, according to the latest guidelines defined by the council of Europe. They are available for free, no strings attached